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Troop Reinforcements to Chattanooga, Sept.-Oct. 1863

Source for Reinforcements to the Union Army, under siege at Chattanooga, September-October 1863.

Two Corps (20,000 men) from Army of the Potomac in Virginia, placed under General Hooker's command. [From other source: these troops were mainly from Corps XI, and XII, Army of the Potomac]. Trip of 1,157 miles from Virginia to Bridgeport, Alabama, beginning September
Took about five days, railroad; rails of different gauges, etc.; infantry, artillery, equipment, animals, slower to come.

Another 17,000 troops by water from Sherman in Mississippi.

American Military History (Extract)

Source: American Military History (Extract of), Army Historical Series, Office of the Chief of Military History, United States Army (Chapter 11, "The Civil War, 1863"), 259.

XI and XII Corps, Army of the Potomac, Reinforce Rosecrans at Chattanooga

Fact: Troop reinforcements to Rosecrans, under siege at Chattanooga, included 20,000 troops from Army of the Potomac, consisting mostly of the XI and XII Corps. This was in September 1863.

Source: David G. Moore, William S. Rosecrans and the Union Victory: A Civil War Biography (Google Preview), 132. http://bit.ly/GooglePreview_Rosecrans-Union-Vict-p132.

Echoes of Battle reference
Reference to Eleventh and Twelfth Corps Detachment, Army of the Potomac, at Chattanooga, in Echoes of Battle: The Struggle for Chattanooga (Baumgartner and Strayer, 1996), 231-234. The reinforcement is mentioned in the story of Lt. Col. William G. LeDue, Chief Quartermaster, XI Corps (231-234). In the story, LeDue objects to the fact that "Officers' horses only were to be transported. This was an error of vital importance..." (231). He discusses the poor state of cavalry horses and mules, the difficulty of navigating the mountain road to Bridgeport [Alabama], the building and launching of a "little home-made steamer, the Chattanooga," and the opening of the cracker line (Federal supply line to Bridgeport, Alabama, and Chattanooga, Tennessee).(231-234).

The 11th Corps is also mentioned in the story of Orderly Sergeant William H.H. Tallman, Co. E, 66th Ohio Vol. Infantry (242-244), and there may be other mentions.  This book is not available to read on-line, but may be found at online bookstores. Link to Echoes at Amazon.com ; or maybe one can be found at a library, where I found one.

Bibliographical note:
Baumgartner, Richard A. and Larry M. Strayer. Echoes of Battle: The Struggle for Chattanooga. Huntington: Blue Acorn Press, 1996.

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