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Official Records, Series 1, Volume 29, in Two Parts

War of the Rebellion ("Official Records")

War of the Rebellion ("Official Records")

Volume 29: Operations in N.C., Va., W. Va., Md. and Pa.

The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union And Confederate Armies. Series 1, Volume 29, In Two Parts. (Chapter 41)
Description: Volume XXIX (in two parts). Chapter XLI: 

Part 1. Reports 
via Texas University (Texas History

This has a description of the subsections of the volume (but without page references)...

Part 2. Correspondence, etc.
via Texas University (Texas History)

Contents of Volumes  
In this series, the contents of a volume are listed in the most general way, but the subsequent volume lists the contents of all previous volumes:
Found in Volume 29, Part 1, Page vii: Contents of the Preceding Volumes.

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