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J.S. Fullerton, Asst. Adj.-Gen., Army of the Cumberland: Links to Correspondence and Article

Lieutenant-Colonel J.S. Fullerton, in Official Records

(including references to Laiboldt and Long at Charleston and Calhoun, Tennessee)

The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union And Confederate Armies. Series 1, Volume 31 (Ch. 43), In Three Parts. Part 3, Correspondence, etc.

Lieutenant Colonel J.S. Fullerton was Assistant Adjutant-General, Army of the Cumberland in 1863, when Colonel Bernard Laiboldt's wagon train was attacked in camp at Charleston, Tennessee. (The wagon train had been en route to Knoxville, Tennessee, when it stopped to camp with Colonel Eli Long's division in Charleston, a little town north of Cleveland, Tennessee. These events not long after the Battles of Chattanooga.

On Christmas Eve, 1863, J.S. Fullerton  wrote this piece of 1863 correspondence to General Gordon Granger concerning the contents of the wagon train. The train was attacked three days later.
[Ref.: O.R., Ser. 1, vol. 31, Pt. 3 (Correspondence), (Fullerton to Granger, Dec. 24, 1863, 483-484), 484.]

J.S. Fullerton correspondence in Official Records

Article about The Army of the Cumberland, written by J.S. Fullerton:
Century Illustrated, 1887
Source: J.S. Fullerton, "The Army of the Cumberland at Chattanooga" (136-150), The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine (Vol 34), (via Google eBooks; orig. publ.: Century Company, 1887), 147.
[Granger]: " '...they started up without orders. When those fellows get started, all hell can't stop them.' "


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