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Lefever (Maj. or Mr.), USA, stationed in Cleveland, Tennessee, March 1864

Attempts to Identify People in the Myra Inman Diary

Major Lefever, Mr. ___ Lefever 
Lefever is mentioned in the Myra Inman diary, pages 252, 254.

Attempting to identify Lefever; work in progress...

Various Lefevers from other sources, not sure which, if any, he is:

1) Le Favour, Heber, 22nd Michigan. Negative--was prisoner of war that spring. 22nd Michigan was probably at Cleveland. This Le Favour could not have been in Cleveland in March 1864. Heber Le Favour of Detroit, Michigan (22nd Infantry) was taken prisoner at Chickamauga and not exchanged until May 7, 1864. Source: Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War, vol. 22 (22nd Mich. Inf.), 89-90, s.v. "Le Favour, Heber.";view=2up;seq=106

2) Colonel Lefevor mentioned, Battle of Chickamauga. Maybe. I've only partially identified him so far. It could even be the one aforementioned, but spelled differently. I don't yet know his record of service. This Col. Lefever was at the Battle of Chickamauga. He was under General Steedman then. At Chickamauga, Lefever was on extreme left of General Whittaker's Brigade, per this doc.:
Whitaker, of the Second Brigade, Fourth Army Corps was headquartered at Blue Springs, five miles in advance of Cleveland, Tennessee, in the spring of 1864. Some of Steedman's troops were probably at Blue Springs or Cleveland. Steedman himself was in the area at some point.

3) Andrew F. Lefever (Co. B, 64th Ohio)
Link to several Lefevers of Crawford Co., Illinois, at least one of whom was at the Battle of Chickamauga. Don't know yet whether this unit was stationed at or near Cleveland. There are other Lefevers on this page, but I think he may be the only one who was in the war.

Will look for more possibilities...


Fourth Army Corps

Myra Inman Diary (bibliog. info only, with links to bookstores)

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