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Colonel Bernard Laiboldt Report - Wheeler's attack on Laiboldt's wagon train, Dec. 28, 1863

Summary of Laiboldt's Report on Wheeler's Attack, Dec. 28, 1863

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No. 3.
Report of Col. Bernard Laiboldt, Second Missouri Infantry.
Camp near Calhoun, December 28, 1863.

Summary (page 643): Laiboldt says he has "given the rebel General Wheeler a sound thrashing this morning." Laiboldt reached Charleston over "abominable roads," Dec. 27 (p.m.). He says that "this morning shortly after daylight I was moving my train across Hiwassee River Bridge when Wheeler's cavalry, reported 1,500 strong, with four guns (which, however, they had no time to bring into action), appeared in my rear. I placed the infantry in line of battle, then got my train over the bridge safely, and next asked Colonel Long to place a regiment of cavalry at my disposal." Says he routed the rebels. Made cavalry charge.

(page 644): Not enough cavalry to pursue rebels. Laiboldt took "prisoners, 5 commissioned officers, among them the inspector-general of General Kelly's division, and a surgeon, and 126 men of different regiments. Wheeler commanded in person, and it was reported to him, as the prisoners state, that I had 600 wagons in my train, which he expected to take without great trouble." List of casualties (few).

"P.S.--Our infantry numbered between 2,000 and 3,000 convalescent men returning from furlough, and others, who had been absent and belonged to the two divisions of the Fourth Army Corps. Long's cavalry, with which he charged the rebels, 150."

[Sent to General W. D. Whipple]

Official Records, Series 1, Volume 31, Part 1, page 643.

Official Records, Series 1, Volume 31, Part 1 (Reports), 643-644.

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