Monday, August 22, 2016

Blue Springs: Poe Map, Willcox Reserve, Battle of Blue Springs, Tennessee, October 1863

Position of Willcox Reserve, Blue Springs, Tennessee, 1863, 
Courtesy of Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division
This 1863 map by Poe is related to the Battle of Blue Springs, Tennessee (in present-day Mosheim, Tennessee). It shows the position of Willcox's Reserve during that battle. The location is in Greene County, Tennessee. This is in the papers of Poe, so it must relate to the battle site, not the camp site in Bradley County, Tennessee. 

However, I found it while looking for information on Blue Springs, Bradley County, Tennessee, and it certainly does look like the area of Blue Springs in that county. It matches so closely the modern-day satellite view of the "other" Blue Springs, I would really like to see aerial views of the place it is supposed to represent. Of course, mountains and hills can look similar, but that little curved area beside the name, "Willcox," looks so like a farm that is nestled in the mountains at that other Blue Springs.

Citation for 1863 Blue Springs Map/Drawing:
Orlando Metcalfe Poe and Orlando B. Willcox. [Blue Springs: Tennessee]. [1863] Map/Drawing. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, (Accessed August 22, 2016.)

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