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Myra Inman Diary - Bibliographic Information, Link to Amazon, etc.

William R. Snell, ed., Myra Inman: A Diary of the Civil War in East Tennessee (Macon: Mercer University Press, 2000).

Title: Myra Inman: A Diary of the Civil War in East Tennessee
Editor: William R. Snell
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Location: Macon, Georgia
Year of Publication: 2000
Format: Hardcover Book

ISBN: 0-86554-590-1

This book is very narrowly focused on events in Cleveland, Tennessee (Bradley County, Tennessee). The young lady who writes it is more interested in sewing her chemise and feeding her nephew than she is in battles and skirmishes. However, it is very useful to anyone working on the Civil War in Cleveland, Tennessee. She mentions friends and family by name, mentions births and deaths (scant mentions, but helpful for cross matching things). Certain Union troops were stationed in Cleveland, Tennessee, from about February 1864 to May 1864. A few officers visit her family's boarding house/restaurant frequently, and are mentioned by rank and surname. She occasionally mentions a skirmish (bare mention) in the Tennessee towns of Cleveland and Charleston. She mentions Dalton, Georgia, a few times. She begins to worry when local people are being arrested for having aided the Confederate enemy just before the Union troops came into town. The diary is useful for gauging the feelings of citizens in Cleveland.

In other posts, I'm going to try to identify some of the troops which were stationed in Cleveland, Charleston, and Calhoun, Tennessee in 1864. Col. Eli Long and his troops of the Second Brigade were there (which includes, I think, the Second Michigan, First Tennessee, and 9th Pennsylvania); I know that the first two were there. Oliver O. Howard (4th Corps) was there, at least part of the time. Click here to browse my posts about Cleveland, Tennessee... 

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