Monday, August 8, 2016

Official Records, Volume 31 (link) including ref. to Laiboldt skirmish Dec. 1863; support by Col. Eli Long

War of the Rebellion series ("Official Records")

Volume XXXI (Ch. XLIII), in three parts)
Volume 31 (Ch. 43, in three parts)

Operations in Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, North America, and North Georgia, October 20-December 31, 1863.

Part 1--Reports and Union correspondence (pg. 1-852)
Part 2--Reports (p. 1-782)
Part 3--Union and Confederate correspondence, etc. (pg. 1-893)


Mentioned in this volume: J.S. Fullerton (see post).

In Part 1, pages 641-642, is General Thomas's report on the attack on Laiboldt, Dec. 28, 1863, and Thomas's recommendation (on the 29th) for Colonel Eli Long's promotion for coming to the support of Laiboldt.

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