Thursday, August 4, 2016

J.H. Wilson's Summary of Cavalry Operations May 1865. Ed McCook Promotion.

J.H. Wilson's Summary of Cavalry Operations, May 1865, with Promotion of Edward M. McCook to Brevet Major-General, Volunteers.

Wilson's Summary
Official Records, Series 1, Volume 49, Part 2, (Wilson to Sherman, May 8, 1865, 662-663), 663.

Senate: Promotions Read

McCook's Promotion, Senate
Edward M. McCook promotion, Journal of the Exec. Proceedings of the Senate... p.661

Senate Executive Journal
Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, from February 13, 1866, to July 28, 1866, Inclusive, Vol. 14, Pt. 2 (150 Vols.). Washington: Govt. Printing Office, 1887.

Background: nominated by War Dept., Feb. 26; proposed by President, Mar. 9; read in Senate, Mar. 12; ordered by Senate, Mar. 14 (Journal, 615-661).

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