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Winston's Gap, Lookout Mountain Crossing, Campbell, McCook, etc. (Congressional Serial Set, search result)

War of the Rebellion ("Official Records")

War of the Rebellion ("Official Records")

Volume 30:
Volume XXX (in four parts).
Part I (Part 1) Reports (Aug. 11-Sept. 22, 1863).

Chapter XXXII (Chapter 32):
              Operations in Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, North Alabama, and North Georgia. August 11-October 19, 1863.

Page x: Contents of the Preceding Volumes. (This is a handy list w/volume number, chapter number, and description of each of about five preceding volumes; handy when you're trying to figure out where to find a report). The current volume "chapter" description is basically, "page 1-1031." To get a breakdown of it, I guess you'd look in the subsequent volume, i.e.--vol. 33 will have a breakdown of reports, by page number, that are found in volume 32. (In other words, they had to wait till each volume was printed to know what page a report fell on). The following is incomplete--just a couple of reports I've used myself...

Volume 30:
Page 3: Summary of the Principal Events.
        This has a description of the subsections of the volume (but without page references), which include the Raid on the Mississippi Central Railroad, the Skirmish at Big Black River Bridge, Miss., and the Chickamauga Campaign, among other sections. My most recent research includes The Chickamauga Campaign, so many of my sources relate to it.

Reports I've cited:

Page 5: No. 1 Report of Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, U. S. Army, with instructions to Col. Edwin F. Winslow.
Headquarters Fifteenth Army Corps,
Camp on Big Black, September 5, 1863.

Page 47: No. 3 Report of Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans, U. S. Army, commanding the Army of the Cumberland.
[October --, 1863.]

        (Page 54, still in Rosecrans's report, has the Winston's Gap segment).

Also found in:

Congressional Serial Set w/Multiple Reports by A.P. Campbell, E.M. McCook, and Others
The Chickamauga Campaign, Crossing Lookout Mountain, Winston's Gap, etc.
Via Google eBooks; shortened URL:

This link is specifically a search for Winston's Gap, but the book can be searched for related events and subjects, such as Lookout Mountain, McCook, skirmish, etc.

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