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Various Useful Sites

These are some sites I've been visiting often for my current project. I'll try to add a separate entry for each one, as well:

The Battles for Chickamauga, High Command Politics, National Park Service
contains a breakdown of the corps of the Union Army and Army of the Cumberland;
Five elements: Crittenden XXI Corps; Thomas's XIV Corps, Alex McCook's XX Corps (Union Army); David S. Stanley's Cavalry Corps (Army of the Cumberland); and Gordon Granger's Reserve Corps.

The Role of Union Cavalry in the Chickamauga Campaign
Major John J. Londa (Master's thesis,  United States Military Academy, 1978; pub. Ft. Leavenworth, 1991) contains a further breakdown of Stanley's Cavalry Corps, into two divisions of three brigades each, with several officers pertinent to my own Civil War project; namely, A.P. Campbell, E.M. McCook, and Eli Long. Two other officers, Watkins and Lowe, are less often mentioned in my particular sources). See pages 22 and 24 for organization charts.

The Role of Union Cavalry in the Atlanta Campaign
Major Robert Blake Leach (Master's Thesis, University of Kentucky, 1980; pub. Ft. Leavenworth, 1994) is a helpful summary. It makes a significant point about technological advances during the Civil War, which began to impact the traditional role of cavalry.

20th Corps (McCook's)
The Civil War Archive, Union Corps Histories, "20th Corps (McCook's)." 
[citing "Regimental Losses in the American Civil War (1861-1865)" - William Fox] [The Civil War Archive 1998-2000; page updated 04 Aug. 2001]

The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Full Text Copies of All 128 Volumes, Presented by Cornell University


Author: United States. War Dept.
Title: The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
Other Title: Official records of the Union and Confederate armies
Publisher: Government Printing Office
Place of Publication: Washington
MoA Volumes: Series I, 1-53; Series II, 1-8; Series III, 1-5; Series IV, 1-4 (1880 - 1901)

Congressional Serial Set w/Multiple Reports by A.P. Campbell, E.M. McCook, and Others
The Chickamauga Campaign, Crossing Lookout Mountain, etc.
Via Google eBooks; shortened URL:

First Battle of Dalton Article, Daily Citizen news

Pioneer Brigade: Rosecrans' Hand-Picked Engineers

The Liberty Rifles: Pioneer Brigade

The Battle of Chickamauga (Wikipedia)
A Hundred Battles in the West: St. Louis to Atlanta, 1861-1865. The Second Michigan Cavalry
Full-Text Version, at

Henry Albert Potter Diary (if deep link works)
Seeking Michigan has the document images, but seems to have removed the links for browsing the Civil War database. Path for this link: from the main page, search "Henry Albert Potter."

Henry Albert Pottery Diary: Link to the Entry about Sgt. Crotty's Horse.
1863-12-24 Letter from Henry Albert Potter
December 24, 1863 Potter Letter Page 1
MS 91-480 Henry Albert Potter Collection

American Civil War: Chattanooga via

Lee and Gordon's Mill, near Chickamauga, Walker County, Georgia
PDF: Major General James Scott Negley and His Division at Chickamauga: A Historical Analysis [THESIS: 131-PAGE PDF DOWNLOADS AUTOMATICALLY WHEN YOU CLICK ON LINK. ]

History of Dekalb County, Alabama, with Description of Rawlingsville
Rawlingsville is now part of northeastern Fort Payne, Alabama. On September 5, 1863, a Federal Cavalry detachment destroyed a saltpeter works at Rawlingsville.

Landmarks of Dekalb County, Alabama
Gives the date for the destruction of the saltpeter works at Rawlingsville.

Colonel Eli Long camps at the mill near Waterhouse's Plantation
Long camps at Waterhouse's Mill in Cohutta Springs (west), Murray County, Georgia, February 1864.

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