Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Hundred Battles in the West (Thatcher) (link)

A Hundred Battles in the West: St. Louis to Atlanta, 1861-1865. The Second Michigan Cavalry
Full-Text Version, at

Detailed, first-hand story of the organization, movements, actions, and experiences of the Second Michigan Cavalry Vols, by Marshall P. Thatcher (link to digitized version of book, via This book is central to my story, so I check it often. For anyone working on The Army of the Ohio, The Army of the Cumberland, the Battles of Boonville, The Atlanta Campaign, and similar subjects, it's a very good source. For anyone working on Michigan Cavalry units, specifically, the Second Michigan Volunteer Cavalry, I think it's an indispensable source. It's also just a good story, for anyone who likes Civil War non-fiction. The author was a soldier in the Second Michigan.

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