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Henry Albert Potter Collection, via Seeking Michigan (selected links)

Henry Albert Potter Diary (if deep link works)
Seeking Michigan has the document images, but seems to have removed the links for browsing the Civil War database. Path for this link: from the main page, search "Henry Albert Potter."

Seeking Michigan: 
Search Result for "Henry Albert Potter Diary"

Henry Albert Potter Diary: Link to the Entry about Sgt. Crotty's Horse.

Henry Albert Potter Diary, Feb. 8, 1864
General Thomas and Cleveland, Tennessee, entry

1863-12-24 Letter from Henry Albert Potter
December 24, 1863 Potter Letter Page 1
MS 91-480 Henry Albert Potter Collection

Webpage of Potter's Descendant
This person's mother donated the diaries; he has additional information and some transcripts.

This is a great Civil War Collection, including digitized images of original letters and diaries of Lieutenant Henry Albert Potter of the the 4th Michigan Cavalry (B, E, H).

For my project, it is particularly important because he was at Charleston, Tennessee, in 1864, and has written first-hand accounts of the camp and courier duty there, including a mention of a skirmish at Cleveland, Tennessee. He is associated with Col. Eli Long's division. He has a wonderful description of a North Georgia thunderstorm (at Villanow).

The Seeking Michigan site is not quite as easy to navigate since it removed the main link to the Civil War Documents collection, but the site has a search tool. The Potter collection has many more items than the selected ones I've listed here.

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