Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Old Federal Road

Google Maps has a map of the Old Federal Road

Old Federal Road (Google Map)

North Georgia website has a similar map. I came across it long before I did the other one:

Old Federal Road Route (

The site below shows a fork in the Old Federal Road, which helps explain things. The description of the Federal Road as it relates to Murray County, Georgia, had been a bit confusing...

Landmarks on the Old Federal Road

Quote from Tennessee County History Series: Bradley County:
"To the early citizens of the county, roads were of vital impor-
tance. A map of 1838 indicates that the major roads were Ala-
bama, New Town, and Georgia, with all three roads leading
from Charleston southward. Old Federal Road, constructed in
1805 in nearby Polk County, was important to the citizens of
Bradley County also. Old Copper Road, leading from the Cop-
per Basin to Cleveland, was completed around 1853 and served
as a route through which a stream of wagons loaded with copper
ingots and bars poured to the railroad at Cleveland..."

Tennessee County History Series: Bradley County (text, w/link to eBook)
Tennessee county history series : Bradley County / by Roy G. Lillard ; Joy Bailey Dunn, editor, Charles W. Crawford, associate editor

by Lillard, Roy G.; Dunn, Joy Bailey; Crawford, Charles Wann, 1931-


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