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Seward, General Thomas' Scout (mention); Red Clay, Georgia, May 1864

This is just my internal note on some references I'm trying to track down. Among other things, I'm looking for references for a scout of staff member, "Seward," who was under General Thomas. This is not Secretary of State, Seward; it's just a scout or department official under Thomas. I'm not sure of all the facts below, either. My comments are from memory.


Official Records, Series 1, Vol. 38, Pt. 4, Correspondence, etc., pg. 47, Schofield to Sherman, Red Clay, Ga., May 6, 1864.

"Red Clay, Ga., May 6, 1864.
"Major-General Sherman, Ringgold:
  "Your dispatch is received. I will be ready to move to-morrow morning. Could move to-day if necessary. It will take several days to repair the railroad here, but I can get along until it is done. I have frequent communication with Howard.
  "General Thomas' man Seward says Polk's corps gone to Rome.
            "J. M. Schofield,
OR, Ser. 1, Vol. 38, Pt. 4, pg. 47

"Howard" would be Gen. Oliver O. Howard. During or after the siege of Chattanooga, and after the slaughter of Federal mules in the supply train at Anderson's Crossroads on Walden Ridge by rebels about October 2, 1863, O. O. Howard, of the XI Corps, Army of the Potomac, was called in as an added reinforcement, to prevent future losses. The letter above is about seven months later, about the time the Federal Army leaves Cleveland, Tennessee, to move South on the Atlanta Campaign. [He is by then commanding the Fourth Corps, Army of the Cumberland, or Dept. of the Cumberland.]

"Thomas' man, Seward" is mentioned. One reference is specific to story. Another reference to Seward shows that it could be a different person than mentioned in story... I don't have the other specific reference to Seward, but I think it was in some correspondence after the Battle of Chickamauga; just not sure!

Oliver O. Howard Reference:

Headquartered at Cleveland, Tennessee, and nearby Blue Springs, Tennessee.
Partial extract of: Official Records, Ser. 1, Vol. 32, Pt. 3, 551.
(from earlier post) http://musescivilwar.blogspot.com/2016/08/fourth-army-corps-oliver-o-howard_22.html

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